Turanabol – Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone 60 tabs x 10 mg

Turanabol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is produced on the basis of an active ingredient (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, which in its essence is very similar to methandrostenolone.The difference of this oral steroid is an additional chlorine atom at the fourth carbon atom.The drug was patented in 1961 by a German pharmaceutical company. Turbanabol from British Dispensary and British Dragon.


In simple terms, chlorohydromethyltestosterone is the same methandrostenolone, only without the delay in the body of excess fluid. Turanabol has a delayed effect: progress as it is received is very slow, but the results in the end are more qualitative. Turanabol is not prone to aromatization, its reception is not accompanied by gynecomastia (due to the presence of methyltestosterone). Some scientific evidence suggests that taking Turinabol helps to reduce the likelihood of thrombophlebitis. Also during the course, the level of SHBG (globulin binding sex hormones) decreases, which increases the level of free testosterone in the blood.

Effects of taking Turinabol

  • Increase in power indicators without accumulation of water in the muscles.
    Increased stamina and speed. The drug is used in the preparation of runners at any distance.
  • Increased dry muscle mass. Turanabol will not give you the same mass gain as methandrostenolone could provide, but all the typed muscles will remain with you at the end of the course.
  • Increased erythrocyte mass of blood.
  • The anabolic activity of the steroid is small compared to methane, but the improved anabolic index is a big advantage. Moderately low androgenic activity (twice lower than testosterone), lack of aromatization and the availability of Turinabol from Balkan Pharma in oral form make Turanabol a favorite steroid among representatives of many sports.