Trenbolone enanthate

Influence of teriparatide on fetal development has not been studied in humans. Use of the drug is contraindicated in pregnant women.

Clinical research aimed at finding out whether teriparatide passes into breast milk has not been penetrated. Use of the drug during breast-feeding trenbolone enanthate is contraindicated.

Dosing and Administration

The recommended dose is 20 micrograms of teriparatide, administered 1 time per day subcutaneously in the thigh or abdomen.

The maximum duration of treatment is 24 months of teriparatide. Efficacy and safety of teriparatide in the treatment of more than two years has not been studied; more than 24 months is not recommended for the patient’s life as a result of teriparatide therapy duration.

Recommended supplementation of calcium . If they come with food in insufficient quantities.

The dosage does not depend on the patient’s age.

The patient should be trained in the techniques of administration (see. “Guidelines for use of the pen”).

Instructions for using the pen

Is a solution in a syringe-handle, designed for individual use. Each injection requires a new sterile needle. Each package of the drug trenbolone enanthate provides guidance for patients, detailing the rules for the treatment from the syringe handle. Needles for injection are not included. Pen can be used with needles for insulin pens (Becton Dickinson). The drug should be administered immediately after the pen syringe is removed from the refrigerator. After each injection syringe handle must be placed in a refrigerator.

Side effect

The overall safety profile of

the treatment teriparatide most common adverse reactions were pain in the extremities, nausea, headache and dizziness.

In clinical studies, teriparatide reported at least one adverse effects in 82.8% of patients in the teriparatide therapy and in 84.5% of patients in the placebo group.

Adverse reactions identified during clinical trials and post-marketing teriparatide studies are set out below with the division by frequency of occurrence: very common .

Violations of the blood and lymphatic system

often (between 1% and <10%?): Anemia.

Violations by the immune system

Occasionally (from 0.01% to <0.1%?): Anaphylaxis

Mental disorders

often (between 1% and <10%?) Depression.

Disorders of the nervous system

is often (between 1% and <10%?): Dizziness, headache, sciatica, syncope.

Violations trenbolone enanthate of the organ of hearing and labipintnye violations

often (between 1% and <10%?): Vertigo.

Violations of the heart

often (between 1% and <10%?): Palpitations.

Uncommon (0.1% to <1%?): Tachycardia.

Violations of the vessels

often (between 1% and <10%?): Low blood pressure.

Disorders of the respiratory system, organs, thoracic and mediastinal disorders

often (between 1% and <10%?): Dyspnoea.

Uncommon (0.1% to <1%?): Emphysema.

Violations of the gastrointestinal tract

often (between 1% and <10%?): Nausea, vomiting, hiatus hernia, gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Uncommon (0.1% to <1%?): Hemorrhoids.

Disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

often (between 1% and <10%?): Excessive sweating.

Violations by skeletnomyshechnoy and connective tissue disorders

Very common (10%?). Pain in the extremities

often (between 1% and <10%?): Muscle cramps.

Uncommon (0.1% to <1%?): Myalgia, arthralgia, pain or spasm in the back *.

Violations of the kidney and urinary tract

Uncommon (0.1% to <1%?): Urinary incontinence, polyuria, urgency of urination, urolithiasis.

Rarely (from 0.01% to <0.1%?): Dysfunction kidney / renal failure.

General disorders and injection site

often (between 1% and <10%?): Fatigue, asthenia, mild and transient effects at the injection site, such as pain, swelling, erythema, itching, bruising and minor bleeding at the injection site .

Uncommon (0.1% to <1%?): reaction at the injection site, erythema at the injection site.

Rarely (from 0.01% to <0.1%?): allergic phenomena soon after injection: acute dyspnoea, edema the mouth / face, hives, chest pain, edema (mainly peripheral).

Laboratory and instrumental data

Infrequently (from 0.1% to <1%?): Weight gain, heart trenbolone enanthate murmurs, increasing the concentration of alkaline phosphatase. women bodybuilders over 50 hulk labs website healthy meals for bodybuilding