vertical simulator

Thrust from above in a vertical simulator

The starting position is sitting in the vertical simulator, fixing the hips under the rollers. Take the handrail of the simulator with a back grip. 1. Take a breath and, fixing the chest in a special focus of the simulator, pull the handrails down. 2. Make an exhalation at the end of the movement. 3. […]

Program. Simultaneously burn fat and build muscles

The complex that we offer at first glance is complicated. But if you decide to follow it unconditionally, you can easily build muscles and burn fat. The goal of many in the gym is to get quality muscle mass and at the same time burn fat immediately. Unfortunately, athletes who train for some time to […]

intensive training

Lose weight with bodybuilding and intensive training

As scientists have established, the intensive training by a person during exercise is limited by the consumption of oxygen. The inhalation of one liter of oxygen is equivalent to “burning” 5 calories, but per minute at the highest rate of movement the athlete can breathe no more than 3-4 liters of oxygen. This means that […]