Sustaver – Sustanon 250 mg / ml

Sustaver 250 from Vermodje SRL – AAS based on a mixture of testosterone esters of various lengths. The agent is most often used as a base preparation for combined cycles. The effect of the mix does not differ from the usual “test”, but it has a prolonged effect, which gives a lot of advantages.

sustanon 250

250 mg of Sustavera contains 30 milligrams of testosterone propionate, 6 milligrams of testosterone phenylpropionate and isocarpoid, and 100 milligrams of testosterone decanoate. The development of such a formula of developers was prompted by the fact that, in itself, testosterone propionate (the most popular form) has a very short period of action, and there is a need for its frequent injections. A mixture of testosterone is free of this deficiency, since the slowest ester (decanoate) begins its action only 10 days after the injection. Thus, a high level of the hormone is constantly maintained in the blood.

Effects of taking sustanon 250

  • Improve the synthesis of proteins. Due to the fact that protein synthesis occurs faster and more qualitatively, the weight of the athlete’s body increases evenly throughout the 10-15 days after the injection. A mixture of testosterone has a high anabolic effect.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Hemostatic capacity. Sustaver 250 increases the number of red blood cells – erythrocytes, which improves the ability of oxygen transport to the muscles. The athlete becomes more enduring, his threshold of anaerobic metabolism increases, muscles can work longer without acidification.
  • Increase of sexual desire on the course of reception of Sustaver. After the injection, the libido falls.
  • The essence of a mixture of testosterone is the uniform flow into the blood of the active substance. A high level of testosterone is maintained for three to four weeks after the injection. The action of the Sustaver unfolds gradually: during the first 15 days the hormone level gradually increases, after about 2 weeks its peak concentration is observed, and then it begins to gradually decrease. However, the decline of the level occurs somewhat faster than its rise.