steroids types

Steroids types description

One of the most important male hormones is testosterone. It is produced by the nadipochniki and testicles. If the body lacks testosterone, then the man becomes sluggish, he is often visited by depression and does not attract sexual relations either. There are only two steroids types. Therefore, pharmacists began to develop drugs that can raise the level of testosterone in the body.

Initially, this hormone was attributed to patients who, during serious illnesses, lost a large amount of muscle mass. Now it is used by most athletes for quick dialing the right weight. Anabolic steroids can be bought in our online store.

Natural testosterone after administration into the body breaks down in just 10 minutes. That is, in order to maintain the level of testosterone, it must be injected into the body every 10 minutes. The effect of such busy, of course, will not be. Therefore, scientists continued to work on the creation of such a drug, which would have the action of testosterone, but at the same time lived in the body for a long time without decaying.

After a while they managed to achieve results. As a result, a wide production of anabolic steroids began. There are 2 steroids types. These are oral preparations and injections.

One of steroids types is oral

The oral of steroids types is more convenient, but the decomposition time of artificial testosterone in the body is shorter than in the application of the injection method. Athletes primarily begin taking oral steroids for their convenient use and storage, but after a while they notice a large number of side effects. Plus, the liver is susceptible to greater toxicity through oral steroids types.

Bodybuilders often use oral oral of steroids types along with injections. Before the competition, it is the oral anabolics that are most likely to go into action, because they are quickly excreted from the body (but it is necessary to finish them in 5-6 weeks before the competition). Thus, the doping test will be clean. Many trainers advise taking oral steroids together with injections. But this should be clear on the introduction, otherwise abusing anabolic steroids can happen.

steroids types

The injection method is the injection of anabolic steroids intramuscularly, that is, through an injection. Many think that intravenously, but it’s not. Preparations that have got into the body through this method are slowly absorbed into the blood, therefore they are very slowly excreted from the body. They can be detected even within 3 months after use.

If you take into account your body, then steroids in injections are better oral than absorbed. Therefore, those athletes who take steroids quite a long time, choose the injection method of administration. But still, even this method has some problems and  side effects of anabolic steroids.

When steroid enters the body through an injection, a person can no longer get rid of surplus if he has taken a lot. If you ingest unnecessary tablets, you can induce vomiting, but when you inject the road, there is no way back. Therefore, you must be extremely careful before using an injection of anabolic drugs, so that there is no lethal outcome.

It is better to inject in appropriate institutions (hospitals, clinics) or at least ask a person with medical education to give you an injection. After all, then no infections and diseases will not be terrible for you. There have been cases when athletes have received various inflammatory processes after injections, as well as diseases such as hepatitis and even AIDS (very rarely, but several cases have happened).

The most popular oral steroids are:

  1. Methandienone Or else it’s called Danabol. This drug is used for rapid muscle mass gain. This is one of the most popular drugs among athletes, bodybuilders.
  2. Naposim (the same methandienone) . This drug is also used to build muscle mass. It also helps to get rid of the excess of subcutaneous fat in the body. Due to the fact that the drug stimulates protein synthesis in the body, the bone system is strengthened, and also the strength indicators are improved. Naposim – this is a very powerful anabolic steroid, so take it strictly according to the instructions and with great care. Take such a drug is not dangerous, it is suitable for beginners, and seasoned athletes.
  3. Methane dienone Pronabol-10.  It is also widely used among athletes. Designed specifically for rapid muscle mass gain.
  4. Methandienone Methanabol. This drug is used mainly for treatment after serious injuries and various diseases.
  5. Another popular oral drug is Clenbuterol. It is mainly used for drying the body. Athletes use this steroid just before the competition.
  6. Proviron. If athletes have sexual disorders, then they are credited with just this oral drug. It also improves the relief of muscles and increases the level of testosterone in the blood.

Second of steroids types is injectable

As already mentioned earlier, injectable drugs are more slowly absorbed into the blood, so the period of decay is longer. So, the most popular steroids for injections are:

  • Testosterone propionate (Testover R). This drug is one of the leaders of all anabolic steroids. Thanks to it, muscle mass and strength indicators develop well. It can also be taken to dry the body, as testosterone propionate burns subcutaneous fat. The drug is suitable for individual use, and for use in cosplay with other anabolics.
  • Sustanon (also called Sustaver) . It is the most powerful drug that has four testosterone in the composition. If you need to gain weight urgently (muscle mass), then Sustanon is what you need. The effect of the drug you will already feel the next day after application. The inflow of strength, energy and  build-up of muscle mass is  assured for you.
  • Testosterone cypionate (Testosteron C). This is one of the most popular anabolic steroids among sportsmen who want to quickly build muscle mass.
  • Enanthate. This testosterone (also called testosteror E) is widely used by athletes in order to gain muscle mass. At the same time, the strength indicators increase, the pain in the joints decreases, and the tonus of the whole organism also rises.
  • Three-trenoboln  One of the most popular injectable preparations for drying the body. Applied immediately before the competition.
  • Stanazolol. This drug raises the level of testosterone in the body at least 3 times. Can be used even by women.

As you can see, anabolic steroids have a huge number of varieties. Therefore, before applying, be sure to consult with your coach, so that he helps you to choose the necessary and worthwhile thing for your body.