Stanover – Stanozololum 100 tabs x 10 mg

Stanover 10 Vermodje – it is widely known in bodybuilding and powerlifting anabolic steroid. Its capacity for testosterone anabolic properties exceeds more than three times, and androgenicity is only one third of testosterone.

The direct effect of anabolic shows in an explosive increase in power performance and increasing dryness and muscle relief. Also worthy of attention its fat burning effect, active removal of water from the body, and increased appetite.

What Stanover 10: the history of creation

Stanover - StanozololumScientific laboratory Winthrop (USA) to synthesize a substance stanozolol in 1962, and initially it was used in veterinary medicine, to improve speed performance racehorses. Of course, the sports community did not ignore such an anabolic discovery, and on the basis of invented the prototype of the active ingredient of the above steroid was created. Today Stanover guide to the 10 states that it is recommended to take to recover after surgery and for violations of anabolism in the body.

Molecule stanozolol – the active ingredient of the drug – is a modification of the classical DHT, to which is added a methyl group, as well as significantly reduced androgenic and anabolic properties increased.

Since the 1960s, there were also modern analogues Stanover 10 mg, but the pharmacy today they can not buy, and the price is not available to anyone interested. But athletes, especially bodybuilders and security forces, does not stop anything, because the properties of stanozolol can achieve good results.

The properties and side effects Stanover 10

Ctanozolol has the unique ability to antagonism progesterone receptor cells and the suppression of links between corticosteroids and their receptors. A detailed description of the effect fast muscle gain and 10 tablets Stanover give our Forum, where professionals communicate and beginners, sports consultants and experienced coaches.

The mechanism of action of the drug is directed to stimulate muscle cell genetic apparatus, there is a powerful amplification of the synthesis of proteins, DNA and RNA.

Side effects such anabolic subject to the recommendations of the course practically does not show. It does not aromatize, so the athlete does not threaten gynecomastia, which excludes the reception antiestrogens. Tablets hepatotoxic, but mostly only cause increased blood pressure and cholesterol. Women taking the drug leads to virilization overdose. appetite increase effect is taken into account for all athletes, and to resort to a special sports diet with a high content of proteins.

Tablets Stanover 10 – the best preparation for drying, for both professional and amateur level for athletes. Although its price is not the lowest, as well as any steroid, to obtain relief and explosive power to invest in a proven medication, rather than risk the unknown with cheap steroids.

Finding out how much it costs Stanover tablets, remember that the price of the drug at an unusually low level is often indicative of forgery. In our online store, we can provide a guarantee that you will receive high quality original pills from the manufacturer. A value for money product fully pay for all the costs of its purchase. You get incredibly dry mass and explosive power. Besides, you can always check the authenticity of the product on the official website of the Moldovan company UPIK-code located on the packaging.

How to take Stanover 10

For men, the dosage is 50-100 mg daily or every other day. Individual dose and duration of the course should always be determined by each athlete individually, depending on the physical readiness. It is worth noting that the use of Stanover 10 provides the most significant effect when the athlete is not overweight. If the presence of major folds of fat, it is necessary before the course starts to reduce weight.

The course lasts 10 Stanover usually 6-9 weeks. After receiving the first effect begins almost instantly the drug, and the activity is maintained for 8 hours. Therefore, the daily dose is divided into 2-3 doses. After completion of the drug found in blood for 3 weeks.

The advantage of the oral form is that it can take women and clearly monitor the dosage. Besides, tablets much easier injection. Therefore the question of how women take Stanover 10 in tablets or injections are usually not necessary, the oral form is safer in terms of androgens. Average dosage for women is 5-10 mg per day.

Many athletes worried about drinking the drug in combination with other agents for maximum effect. It may be useful to combine it with Anabol, Turinabol or nandrolone. Reception in conjunction with Primabolanom or nandrolone will be an effective and safe course for beginners. The use of steroids is contraindicated in cases of anemia and cachexia.

Stanover 10: reviews

Athletes have long appreciated this extremely effective anabolic. It is well established for use in the off-season and before the competition. And taking into account the current requirements for an athlete to be constantly in shape and does becomes indispensable. Statements on the network confirmed that the obtained results using the drug properly when compiled to date are stored for a long time.

Reviews Stanover 10 posted in our forum, there is a low incidence of side effects under recommended dosages. The most typical side-effects of the drug is easily neutralized by appropriate medications.

Reviews Stanover 10 note that the course of the preparation is not necessary to antiestrogens because aromatization process does not occur. The steroid may be contraindicated only for people suffering from liver disease. This is due to the toxicity of the oral form of the drug to the liver and requires breaks between courses for all athletes.

It should be noted that reviews of Stanover tablets leave both men and women, which further confirms the possibility of its use by both sexes.

Opinions on the Internet as a whole will help any novice athlete to ensure the efficiency and safety of the drug, making the right choice among the many anabolics based on the assigned tasks.

Where can I buy Stanover 10

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