Oxy 100 tabs/50mg

Oxymetholone – healed glory of the strongest steroid after tableting Halotesta. Oksindrol – is an effective steroid for a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength, but is considered to be the elite of the AAC and more toxic effects. Anapolon Malay Tiger has a strong anabolic activity, and therefore is often used by athletes security forces in the courses in the period set mass. The effectiveness of the drug is striking, on the Internet there on oxymetholone reviews of various kinds, many of them, because the price is about the outcome makes the substance is one of the most popular anabolic steroids in the market of sports pharmacology.

Anadrol was first synthesized in 1960 under the brand name Anadrol, development and promotion at the time was engaged in an international company Syntex Pharmaceuticals. The drug has a clear goal, the treatment of severe anemia and osteoporosis. Food Stamp application ends after some time created a number of new treatment methods, mainly through the emergence of a synthetic steroid hormone not Epogen (eretropoetina), buyout practicing the same effect as increasing the number of red blood cells, but without the negative manifestations. Anadrol production is greatly reduced. Nevertheless, the effect of oxymetholone is interested actively sporting activities, which gives a new start of the epic Anadrol.Oxymetholone

Action and effect Oxymetholone

The effect of steroid is reflected in the rapid increase in volumes and a powerful athlete’s weight, muscles like balloons in a matter of time. Oxymetholone strongly inhibits and reduces the sex hormone binding globulin, which increases levels of free testosterone in the blood. This effect increases the growth of mass and strength. But it is worth noting that 30% of the mass, will consist of a liquid, which eventually will leave at the end of the course. This drug is breaking all records for rollback phenomenon, this is not reassuring himself. Over the course of Anadrol, you can dial up to 15 kg total weight, and the muscles are swollen and bulky.

A very important quality steroid, is the ability to synthesize the level of synovial fluid in the joints, so that the athletes can improve their security forces of power without the risk of injuries and sprains. According to numerous reviews, we can confidently say that oxymetholone is able to eliminate the pain and burden to the joints and ligaments. Synovial fluid acts as a lubricant, according to the lifters and athletes hard Oxyndrol Malay Tiger, is considered to be the best choice in the development of security indicators.

Reception and dosage

The doses usually weights depend on the athlete, the maximum dose can be increased to 150 mg per day, such dosage is suitable for athletes with a weight of 100 kg. Easier athletes will suffice 1-2 tablets a day (50-100 mg), will give greater dosage better result, but only increase the risk of undesirable side effects. For best results, a course may last 4-6 weeks, the excess of these standards is not recommended, because of the conservation body’s health. Anadrol can take a person over 21 years old.

Anadrol 50 can be taken alone or with other anabolic steroids. In the course of a set of mass and strength, Oksimetalon successfully combined with nandrolone decanoate , Testosterone , Primobolan . To eliminate the adverse reactions during and after the course you should take anti-estrogens such as Clomid or Nolvadex . Receiving HCG during the course makes it possible to save a considerable part to gain weight.

Side effects

The probability of side effects Oksindrola should not be underestimated. It is able to increase liver enzymes is highly toxic, it is recommended to take at gepatoprotektory during and after a course to reduce the toxicity and accelerate a reconstruction of the liver. Even optimal doses can cause acne, oily skin, aggression and excessive hair growth.