MethadeX – Methandienone 100 tabs x 10 mg

MethadeX is an anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmaceutical company. The form of the drug – injection 100 mg / 10 ml and tablets 12 mg / 100 tablets. The main active ingredient is methandienone. The steroid was invented in America back in the 60s of the last century. The first company that produced the drug was Ciba. The original purpose of manufacturing methandienone lay solely in the medical plane, and presupposed the treatment of burns, increased tone in women and the acceleration of recovery processes in the body.


Later, “methane” began to be used by athletes to build muscle mass and increase the strengths, despite a ban from the FDA – the American organization for the control of medicines and food. The steroid does not belong to the most dangerous AAS group, although today its active propaganda is harmful. It should be noted that the toxic effect of methandienone is more exaggerated, as well as its anabolism is understated. As shown by numerous studies and sports practice, taking into account the phenomenon of pullback (which, incidentally, can be minimized with a correctly compiled course), the Methadienone steroid will allow you to gain up to 8 kilograms of muscle mass. MethadeX shows little estrogen activity, has a moderate effect on the liver. The duration of the oral steroid is 6-8 hours, the detection time on doping control is up to three months. For professional athletes, the injection form is more preferable.

Effects of admission

  • Rapid increase in muscle mass. The effect is due to the fact that the steroid activates protein synthesis. The solo course of methane from Raja allows you to score up to 12 kilograms, some of which is lost due to the phenomenon of pullback.
  • Reduction of fatty deposits (the effect is negligible and is only observed with proper use of the steroid).
  • Strengthening of the bone system.
  • Increase in strength indicators, accompanying a set of muscle mass.
  • Slightly androgenic effect (twice as weak as testosterone).