train on steroids

How to train on steroids

Train on steroids, tips and advice, what training to use when you are training on anabolic drugs.

High-intensity, strength training, pamp training spend huge energy resources of the athlete’s body, as a result of which, there may be overtraining, which affects the overall fatigue of the athlete, reduced efficiency, physical activity, but the use of steroids, allows this process to blunt, and train harder, more intense and tougher.

No matter how much dirt is shed on anabolic steroids, they are always used and will be used in sports to achieve higher results, because they really work. In this regard, beginners and professional athletes use them in the gym mainly to build muscle and strength, if the latter know how to train on steroids, then the first (beginners) have no idea, and generally do not give a report to their actions, simply because everything “on steroids, and I will,” I want everything at once, if you also think, then it’s too early for you to use anabolics in your training.

First of all, you need to understand that to use steroids in your training, you must have at least a five-year, continuous, training experience in the gym with iron, with proper training and nutrition, thus you will create all the conditions for developing your physical potential, which you endowed nature, the limit to which you should strive, the first sign will be a halt in the growth of muscle mass and strength. Only under such conditions use of steroids is justified and expedient, otherwise, you throw your money and health to the wind.

Steroids will give you a huge leap forward, move you from the dead center, from the training plateau, if you have learned the information written above, and do not use anabolics, when it has not yet come.

So, in order to understand how to train with steroids, what are the differences in training with them and without them, we must remember the advantages that anabolics give when they are used in sports.

Increased muscle mass

The growth of muscle mass, the so-called synthesis of proteins, is amplified many times, with the use of steroids, so it is necessary to eat foods rich in protein, protein in your diet, and in this you will be helped by sports nutrition for muscle growth.


Since anabolic steroids do dozens of times faster and better restore the athlete after training, then you should train harder, “do not feel sorry for yourself.” Arnold Schwarzenegger could thanks to anabolics, retabolil, methandrostenolone, and many others, to train every day, happened so much that he fainted, and that did not stop him from growing, progressing and winning in competitions, but as you understand without anabolic, with such training he absolutely nothing, except for overtraining would not have received, so it is worth “wind on a mustache” this fact. If you want hard, hard for many hours to train, without steroids, then increase rest, your recovery.

Growth of strength

The use of steroids in its preparation quickly increases the strengths, in the wake of this, the strength of the ligaments, the cartilage remains practically at the same level, so do not quickly climb to a large, heavy working weight, keep the time until your body adapts to the load, grow stronger to avoid injury during training.

Before you train with steroids, use sports nutrition as much as possible in sports, squeeze out all of yourself, all your genetic potential in bodybuilding, in power and other sports, and then anabolics will bring you incredible, professional results.

Technically, training on steroids will not be much different from your usual workouts.

The only thing you can and will need to use more often are high-intensity training methods such as cheating, pyramid, “Method 21”, etc. But the number and quality of training should increase at times to get the most out of taking steroids.

train on steroids

More often

Admission of anabolic steroids significantly accelerates the recovery time of muscles after training. So this should be used and trained as often as possible. The minimum amount of training days is 4 per week. Exercising less often, you will simply lose precious time when steroids work very hard in your body.

If you think that taking steroids you can exercise twice a week and get excellent results, forget and do not take them at all. You do not need to transfer the product to the toilet. Steroids do not grow mass by themselves, they accelerate the process of recovery and protein synthesis in the body.

What would have been what to restore you must first destroy something, that is, train. More destruction is more recovery and growth.


Training on steroids can and should continue long enough. On average twice as long your training on steroids take longer photo. normal workout. Steroids increase muscular endurance and need to be used.

This does not mean that you need to rest for 5-10 minutes between the approaches and pull the cat for the eggs. Increase the number of approaches and repetitions.

Add more exercises to the training program. Do 2 exercises on the triceps – add two more. Use the entire rich arsenal of both basic and isolated exercises to work out each muscle group to the maximum. The more stress for muscle the greater the muscle growth.

With a natural training this is impossible, you just will not be able to recover. When training on steroids, this is normal, since the recovery rate is longer. Therefore, two-hour training is the norm.