How to stab steroids correctly

Many people still do not understand the place and how to correctly place, stab the intramuscular and subcutaneous injections of steroids, and also completely do not represent, for example, the difference between injections in the delta, from injections into the buttock. This article will help you avoid mistakes when using anabolic steroids in the form of injections.

Intramuscular injections

Basically, all intramuscular injections can be divided into two types, these are systemic and local. Injections into the buttock are systemic, the effectiveness in the administered drug is maximal, due to the fact that the amount of the released steroid in the total blood flow reaches 100%. For example, injections into the anterior bundle of deltas are not so effective, since in this case, only 70% of the vedeno drug falls into the total bloodstream, the rest goes to the local muscle growth. Also, you can say about the injection in the lateral surface of the thigh, in which case 85% of the leaded steroid falls into the total blood flow.

Before using steroids on the basis of oily solution, it is necessary to slightly heat the ampoule or vial, it can be done with the help of hands or armpits.

Local or local injections are put in a certain group of muscles, in order to increase strength, volume, endurance. For example, an injection of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) can be placed locally, that is, in the working muscle, in practice, to increase the muscle strength, it is better to use systemic injections, into the fat fold on the abdomen.

All local injections are performed using an insulin syringe, or a 2 ml syringe, the length of the needle is about 45-60 mm.

Winstrol, a suspension of testosterone, testosterone propionate, nandrolone, these are the drugs that are most suitable for local injections. First of all, for the local injections the outer side of the quadriceps and the average bundle of deltas are suitable, at the same time one can put injections into the triceps, the broadest muscle of the back, pectoral muscles, trapezoids, and very gently into the biceps and calf muscle.

Anabolic steroids in oil (testosterone esters) and synthol are placed with a 2ml syringe, the length of the needle is 2.5-3 cm.


Subcutaneous injections

Subcutaneous injections have proved to be very well suited for such effective bodybuilding preparations as insulin, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), and growth hormone. In addition, the injection of insulin can be not only subcutaneous, but also intramuscular and intravenous, in the latter cases, the action of insulin occurs instantly, but it is more difficult to control the process, therefore the best place for injecting insulin is the subcutaneous fatty layer. Insulin-like growth factor can be put in the same way as subcutaneously or intramuscularly, in the latter case, scientific data indicate a more effective approach to IGF-1 injection.

All known, gonadotropin chorionic can be put as subcutaneously, so intramuscularly.

Do not put injections of anabolic steroids in the same place, as this can lead to the disappearance of the subcutaneous fat layer of the cells, in the place where the injection was made.

Swollen abscesses and bruises

It is also worth saying a few words about the sores that may occur during the injection. First of all, it swelled passing into an abscess, and bruises. In the first case, the tumor can frolic due to a negligent attitude towards the injection, that is, the use of non-sterile syringes, the reusable use of disposable syringes, the untreated antiseptic injection site, as well as the vial containing the anabolic steroid, or the purchase of a counterfeit drug. In the latter case, a non-qualitative anabolic steroid produced by an artisanal process can contain various chemicals, in connection with this the body has a protective reaction, and it begins to reject the injected drug, in order to avoid toxins entering the body, that is, a capsule that does not gives infection to enter the body.

Swollen, which can occur after a shot, are treated with electrophoresis, compresses, and iodine nets. The ruptured tumor leads to an abscess, as well as in the first case, it must be treated with electrophoresis, in most cases surgical intervention and antibiotics are necessary.

Hematomas that can occur during the injection are treated easier, in contrast to the abscess. A damaged blood vessel leads to a hematoma, which most often resolves itself, without a trace. Repeated injection may hurt the adjacent capillary in the area of ​​the hematoma, in which case an inflammatory process may develop, but it is not very difficult to treat, it is enough to apply a cold compress in the first day, in subsequent warm, that is, various ointments, gels and iodine nets.

Now you know how to properly approach such an unimportant procedure for athletes, as taking anabolic steroids in injectable form.