Errors of the diet

Errors of the diet – choose the diet together

The bodybuilder “does” “relief”, and not mass, as amateurs think. “Dry”, the traced body is much more effective than the fat nape and “dropped” forward belly.

Someone may object: “relief” and mass – things incompatible. But no, it’s not true. The bottom line is not to commit annoying errors. Which ones? Read the article! ..

Remember the simple formula: the proportion of fat in the diet should not be more than 15-20% of the total daily number of calories.

Errors of the diet 1. Do not eat fat and fatten

If the kachok gets more calories from his daily menu than “burns” in training, it will necessarily overgrow with fat. Even if the amount of fat in his diet is zero.

The fact is that the other macro nutrients – carbohydrates and proteins – have a tragic ability for our bodybuilding brother. They are utilized by the body only to the extent of the need, and all excess is “converted” into subcutaneous fat.

As for carbohydrates (potatoes, cereals, sweets, pasta and flour products), then the commandment has all this less good, every bodybuilder knows almost from the diaper. But with the protein is not so. Many without fear “load” the protein in the “bomb” doses, because it is believed that this is how you can stimulate the growth of mass (especially when sitting on steroids).

Meanwhile, the body is able to assimilate a maximum of 30-40 grams of protein at a time. And no steroids here will help. Surplus protein necessarily zalyagut under the skin in the form of fat deposits. The longer the “experience” of busting with protein, the “stronger” fat deposits, the more difficult it is to fight them.

If you go back to fat, then they are good only in moderation. The general rule is that the proportion of fats in your diet should not exceed 15-20 percent of the total daily number of calories. In this case, you not only do not swim with fat, but keep the heart healthy.

Errors of the diet 2. Fats are harmful

Only some types of fats are harmful. But other fats are vital. For example, essential fatty acids, which are contained in vegetable oil.

The body is not capable of producing them on its own. Meanwhile, these fats are the “building material” for anabolic hormones, the same testosterone. In addition, without them a fat metabolism is violated, which in practice means a complete stop of the “melting” of subcutaneous fat under the influence of training. Here’s a paradox: to burn fat, we need … fats!

The best sources of healthy fats are flaxseed oil and omega-3 fatty acids (they are contained in fish). Useful fats play a crucial role in maintaining high immunity. “Crossing” them from the diet, you also hit your health!

Errors of the diet 3. You want mass, eat carbohydrates

In fact, the musculature is built from protein. And carbohydrates are fuel that gives energy for intense training aimed at growing “mass.”

How much do you need carbohydrates? About 4-5 grams per kilogram of body weight daily. Not more, but no less. This will be quite enough to provide musculature with a high tone and rapid recovery.

Errors of the diet 4. I am an amateur, and therefore I do not need protein

This phrase can be heard from those who go to the gym only to make the muscles more elastic and visible. And not like Arnold or Dorian Yates.

It would seem that these guys really do not need protein supplements. But this is only at first glance. In any case, the muscles should increase – grow in volumes.

Well, muscle growth is fundamentally impossible, if a day per kilogram of the athlete’s own weight is less than 2 grams of protein. The problem is that the body needs proteins for their own vital functions – for example, hematopoiesis and the synthesis of hormones.

“Lack” the body of food protein – and it will start to devour your own muscle tissue, “extracting” protein amino acids from it. What is there to grow the masses! Hence the conclusion: with any type of training, keep the protein in focus!

Errors of the diet

Errors of the diet 5. I eat three times a day and this is enough for me

Nothing like this! It is impossible to “shove” all the necessary nutritional elements in three steps to write. It turns out just elephant portions! But even if you manage to swallow them, there are two other problems.
It is more useful to eat 5-6 times a day.

First, large portions are poorly absorbed. In fact, this means this. For some part of the food there is enough gastric juice, bile and digestive enzymes, and the remainder is not.

As a result, excesses fade right in your intestines. Hence the increased gas formation and symptoms of poisoning with food poisons: lethargy and weakness.

And secondly, if there is rarely and in plenty, “extra” fats, carbohydrates and proteins will necessarily “reward” you with solid fatty deposits.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is a tradition based on the social order and “fitted” for a working day. But not all traditions are worth observing. For health and optimal assimilation of nutrients, it is much more useful to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.

Errors of the diet 6. To lose weight, you must eat less

“Hungry” diets help to lose weight only for a while. Together with fat, you inevitably lose muscle. In addition, not getting enough calories your body goes to the economy mode.

Well, this means slowing down all biological processes, including the “burning” of fat. Hence the typical effect of all the “hungry” diets: first the weight falls, but then it stabilizes steadily. To reliably progress in dropping subcutaneous layers, it is necessary to “connect” to the diet training with weights.

It itself “spurs” the metabolism, and therefore will not let go of the process of “burning” fat. The second condition: aerobics. It with a guarantee accelerates the “melting” of fats.

Errors of the diet 7. Today ate, tomorrow hungry – and everything is normal

To eat at a festive table a week’s rate of calories is, of course, a sin for a bodybuilder. But “zamalivat” its next day hunger strike there is no sense.

A low-calorie diet (even only a day long) will necessarily slow down the metabolism, which means that you will deprive yourself of the energy necessary for a heavy training. So, if you have allowed yourself a lish, do not rush to the other extreme. Just go back to your normal diet.

Errors of the diet 8. Do you want to keep fit, skip breakfast

In the morning, the metabolic rate is the highest. And this means that the risk of fatty deposits is minimal. During the day, the exchange gradually slows down, and by midnight it reaches the lowest point. So it turns out that the evening reception is the most “dangerous”. Meanwhile, many of the pitching for fear of leaving the muscles for an entire night without nutritive material are deliberately gorged right before bedtime.

This is mistake! Such a tactic will lead to obesity and only. Given the low efficiency of digestion in the evening, one must eat not so much. But then you need to have the will to get up in an hour or two nights and pour a protein cocktail into yourself.

That’s when nocturnal catabolism surely does not threaten you! As for breakfast, for a bodybuilder this is the most important way to write. In the morning, the body best absorbs carbohydrates (for replenishing glycogen stores) and protein (for muscle building).

Breakfast is the most important meal for a bodybuilder.