Enanthate minutes before the first food, fluids or medicines (including antacids, calcium supplements and vitamins) with a full glass of plain water (not mineral water). Other drinks (including mineral water), food and some medicines can reduce the absorption .

To reduce the risk of esophageal irritation, be taken by performing the following rules:

1. Taken in the morning immediately after rising from bed at least 30 minutes before the first meal, liquid or drugs with a full glass of water (not mineral) to facilitate receipt of the tablet to the stomach.

2. Do not chew the tablets or dissolve them in the mouth due to the possible formation of ulcers in the mouth and throat. Patients should not take a horizontal position before the first meal, which should be applied for at least 30 minutes after administration .

3. Enanthateshould not be taken at bedtime or before getting up from the bed. The recommended dose is one tablet of 70 mg / 1 70 mg once a week.

Patients should take extra calcium preparations , if the flow of food substances is insufficient. Provides a weekly requirement, based on a daily dose of 400 ME.For elderly patients and patients with mild and moderate renal impairment from 35 to 60 ml / min) dose adjustment is required.

The recommended dose is one tablet of 70 mg / 1 70 mg once a week. If you accidentally missed doses, you should take 1 tablet in the morning the next day. Do not take 2 doses on the same day, but in the future it is necessary to go enanthate back to using the drug 1 time per week on the day of the week, which was selected at the beginning of treatment.

Side effects

The following side effects: Gastro-intestinal system: abdominal pain, dyspepsia, oesophageal ulcer, dysphagia, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, acid regurgitation, nausea, distortion of taste, gastritis. From the musculoskeletal system: myalgia, pain in the bones, joints, the nervous system: headache, dizziness. Other: giperchuvstvitelyyusti reactions including urticaria. On the part of the gastrointestinal system: esophagitis, esophageal erosions, gastric ulcer, including peptic ulcer complicated by bleeding (melena), a local osteonecrosis of the jaw associated mainly with the previous tooth extraction and / or local infection due to delayed treatment. from the musculoskeletal system: muscle cramps. for the skin: skin rash, erythema, photosensitivity, itching, severe skin reactions, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis. With the senses: uveitis, scleritis, episcleritis. Other: angioedema, transient symptoms resembling acute phase reaction (myalgia, malaise, rarely fever), hypocalcemia. Also, a decrease the level of calcium and phosphate in the serum (usually mild, enanthate transient and asymptomatic) by 18% and 10% respectively.


Overdose Symptoms of hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, adverse events from the upper gastrointestinal tract (heartburn, esophagitis, gastritis, stomach ulcer and esophagus). Treatment: specific information is available. The patient should take milk or antacids to bind alendronate sodium. To avoid irritation of the esophagus should not induce vomiting. Patients should maintain an upright position.