Diamondtropin 100 IU

Diamondtropin 100 IU (Growth hormone) is actively used in bodybuilding to increase muscle size. Its scientific name – somatotropin. Its main effect is to accelerate linear growth due to increase in the long tubular bones of the extremities.

The effects and properties of growth hormone:

  • The anabolic effect
  • anti-catabolic effect
  • The reduction in fat mass of the body
  • Increases in blood glucose levels
  • It stimulates bone growth, while strengthening their
  • Increases immunity

It is worth noting that most of the effects in the body is not the growth hormone and insulin-like factor IGF-1 , which is released under the action of the hormone. IGF-1 stimulates growth of most of the internal organs. Thus, most of the effects of growth hormone in body building is linked with the action of IGF-1.

Over time, production of growth hormone in the body is constantly decreasing. Its level is minimal in the elderly and is maximal in early childhood. In addition, the amplitude of the maximum allocation of the peaks in adolescence, when the body enters a phase of enhanced linear growth.

The use of growth hormone in bodybuilding

Initially, growth hormone was used exclusively for medical purposes, but it also began to be used after a certain time and in a variety of sports, including bodybuilding. This was due to the fact that he had a good anabolic effects as well as contributed to the reduction of fat in the body.

In 1989 he was banned the use of growth hormone in sports, but since its sales only increased. In bodybuilding, growth hormone is used to build huge muscle mass, combining his welcome with other anabolic steroids. A major factor in the popularity of HGH in sport was his ability to reduce body fat. In addition, it actively contributes to the set of lean muscle mass, strengthen bone tissue and the accumulation of water.


Also, when taking this hormone dramatically reduced the number of injuries associated with damage to the joints and ligaments. This is due to the fact that growth hormone is not only promoted healing and restoration of bone tissue, but also to strengthen them.

By the way, the use of this hormone in powerlifting does not make any sense. The thing is that he is not able to increase strength and improve endurance. Among other things, it is the other way around difficult recovery after hard training.

Generally speaking, growth hormone – the ideal tool for a set of muscle relief in bodybuilding. It has a low incidence of side effects, it does not affect the potency and does not cause androgenic effects . Thus the efficiency is extremely high. Often when taking muscle growth is only a couple of kilograms, it is usually due to the fact that there is a loss of fat mass of the body. However, the main disadvantage of growth hormone is extremely high cost of the course – about 1000 dollars.

Nevertheless, many scientists believe that increase growth hormone (3-5 times) in the body is possible without the use of hormonal agents.

Increase the secretion of growth hormone will help the following ways:

  • Good dream
  • Classes physical activity
  • Receiving enough protein
  • Supplementing with arginine and glutamine
  • Proper sports diet
  • Admission creatine .