Danabol DS – Methandrostenolone 500 tabs x 10 mg

Danabol from SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL is a classic “methane”, which has been actively used in power sports for more than half a century. The active substance of the drug is methandrostenolone, an anabolic and androgenic steroid, which can still be found in free markets in some countries (this includes Moldova).


Mostly, methandienone is administered orally. There are several companies that produce the injection form, but it is practically not in demand.

Effects of taking Danabol

  • Rapid increase in muscle mass. The good old methane is still the most popular drug for athletes, who are interested in getting up to 15% of body weight in a short time (for one solo course).
  • Acceleration of protein synthesis processes. Tablets of the steroid of danabol stimulate the body to strengthen protein production, which allows you to quickly repair damaged during the training of muscle fibers.
  • Increased appetite. When Danabol is taken from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the athlete trains more intensively: therefore, he needs more useful substances to replenish the body.
  • Strengthening the skeletal system, ligaments and joints.
  • Significant increase in force indicators.
  • Anticatabolic effect. Methandienone does not allow muscles to “acidify”, you quickly recover in between exercises.

Side effects of Danabol Methandrostenolone (methandienone) is a testosterone modified to increase anabolic (twice) and decrease the androgenic (also twice) properties. The drug interacts with cellular androgen receptors.

How to take Danabol

The course of Danabol is selected individually. The optimal dosage for men is 5 to 50 milligrams daily for 7-8 weeks. If this is the first course, it is advisable to start with the minimum dosages and duration of administration. However, regardless of the daily dosage, it must be as “crushed” as possible. Take Danabol every 3-5 hours (this is the period of its half-life) – this will maintain the hormonal background at the same level throughout the day. Methandienone is toxic to the liver, and it is best to take the drug after eating. For a set of dry muscle mass (it is known that methandienone retards water in the body, “flooding” you) it is recommended to include in the course stanozolol. Combinations with nandrolone, Sustanon, or strong testosterone are also very effective.

Although most users are men, there are often questions and disputes about how to take Danabol to women and can it be used at all? Yes, women can really take Danabol, but the dosage should not exceed 5 milligrams a day.