Creatine in sports nutrition. How to take it.

Today, creatine is sufficiently studied as a sports nutrition and approved by athletes as a good tool. The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSP) states that it contributes to an increase in physical performance by 10-20 percent. Let’s find out what else it is useful for you. Creatine – this is one of the types […]

steroids types

Steroids types description

One of the most important male hormones is testosterone. It is produced by the nadipochniki and testicles. If the body lacks testosterone, then the man becomes sluggish, he is often visited by depression and does not attract sexual relations either. There are only two steroids types. Therefore, pharmacists began to develop drugs that can raise the level […]

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Anabolic steroids and their effect in bodybuilding

Today, let’s talk about the pluses of androgenic anabolic steroids. For what actually they are used in sports and in bodybuilding in particular. Many go into biochemistry and physiology, we will not, but walk through the “surface”. Steroids are substances of animal or, more rarely, of plant origin, possessing high biological activity. For example, cortico anabolic steroids relieve […]

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Other drugs Antacids: set reduction of amprenavir by 18% and 35%, respectively, while increasing the C min upon receipt of a single dose of 1400 mg of fosamprenavir with a single dose of 30 mL of an antacid suspension (equivalent to 2.75 g of aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, 1.8 g). Any dose adjustment of these drugs […]