Xenical (Orlistat – Tetrahydrolipstatin)


Manufacturer: Roche
Category: Fat & Weight Loss
Substance: Orlistat (Tetrahydrolipstatin)
Package: 84 caps each cap 120mg Orlistat

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Product Description

XENICAL is a prescription medication that can help considerably overweight people lose weight and keep it off. We know that managing your weight can be frustrating, and sometimes you need a little extra support. Support you can’t find in a pill alone. To succeed you may have to change the way you feel about food and about your body.

If you eat an excessive amount of fat or calories, the excess is stored as fat by the body, resulting in weight gain. When you eat fat, your body breaks it down into its simplest components so that it can be digested.

Unlike other weight-loss drugs you may have heard about that act in the brain or central nervous system to suppress appetite or to speed up metabolism, XENICAL works in your digestive system to block about one-third of the fat in the food you eat from being digested.

Enzymes in your digestive system, called lipases, help digest (or break down) fat. When taken with meals, XENICAL attaches to the lipases and blocks them from breaking down some of the fat you have eaten. The undigested fat cannot be absorbed and is eliminated in your bowel movements. By working this way, XENICAL helps block about one-third of the fat in the foods you eat from being absorbed by your body.

Usage and Dosage

Xenical dosage or usage may prevent the absorption of some of the fat you eat. Therefore, you should take Xenical dosage during the meal or within an hour of eating. If you occasionally miss a meal or eat a meal that contains no fat, you should skip Xenical dosage
Xenical dosage may decrease the amount of vitamins that your body absorbs from food; you may need to take a multivitamin supplement once a day. Take the vitamin supplement at least 2 hours before or after taking your Xenical dosage.
When you take your daily dosage Xenical, your diet should not contain more than 30% of fat. If the fat intake is higher in your meal than the recommended amount, your Xenical dosage may result in side effects. You should take balanced diet, and your intake of fat, carbohydrates, and protein should be distributed evenly over three main meals when you take your daily dosage of Xenical.

Normally, the following Xenical dosage is recommended, however, if your doctor has recommended Xenical dosage other than this, follow his instructions only:
– 120milligrams (mg) three times a day with meals containing fat
If you take a fat-containing meal and miss your dosage Xenical due to some reason, skip that particular dosage. If it almost time for your next meal, take your Xenical dosage with that meal. In any case, do not double your Xenical dosage


If you plant to take Xenical, dosage information is necessary and you might get information for it. However, most often than not, people only get information about Xenical and do not know how to store it. Storage information is necessary because if medicines are stored improperly, there might be some chemical reactions and your Xenical may cause adverse reactions in your body.
Store away from heat and direct light
Keep the Xenical from freezing. Do not refrigerate
Do not keep outdated Xenical or medicine no longer needed. Be sure that any discarded medicine is out of the reach of children.

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