Tren Tabs (Methyltrienolone (Methyl trenbolone))


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Product Description

Methyl-Trenbolone is an active substance of such oral drug as Tren tabs. It is an anabolic and androgenic steroid, so keep in mind that if you plan to purchase the drug. In Europe it is known among bodybuilders mostly as a strong pre-workout drug. This steroid does not have any ether attached to it; it works immediately, which is an additional plus for the sportsmen.The effect lasts for four to six hours. It increases the aggression highly, creating the feeling that you can do anything. This might be also a reason why a lot of people choose this drug.
The main effects of Methyl-Trenbolone (order it and feel it by yourself)

Main effects of Methyl-Trenbolone are as follows:

  • the increasing of the strength;
  • the increasing of the muscle mass (during the course the muscle mass increases on ten!);
  • the anti-catabolic effect;
  • the increase of the libido (testosterone lows after the end of the course);
  • the increasing of the insulin factor of the growth;
  • helps to fight with the fat.

How else can be used Methyl-Trenbolone

Methyl-Trenbolone can be used in pre-contest cycles and a certain number of other cycles, stacked with some injectable steroids, but not oral ones. It is better to combine this drug with the sport nutrition with lots of vitamins and drugs for the liver. This should be kept in mind when choosing the drug.

The course of Methyl-Trenbolone

The recommended dose of Methyl-Trenbolone  is 0,75 mg to 1 mg daily. The duration of the course should be about two to three weeks. This is enough to produce great results, so basically there is no need to increase the dosage.

Side effects of Methyl-Trenbolone

The side effects of Methyl-Trenbolone are rather strong in a number of cases, and the drug is not for novices, so beware. Men who is under eighteen years old can not take it – it is stricktly forbidden. Also it should no be taken by women because it is bodybuilding secrets strong androgenic drug. It is a hepatotoxic steroid, which means that it is somewhat toxic for the liver, and maintaining the recommended dosages is crucial for your health.  As already said, Methyl-Trenbolone may be toxic for your liver. Though it is a non-aromatizing steroid, it has a strong ability to increase an anti-estrogenic effect. Also there are such side effects as the baldness, the high agression, the acne, the depression, the insomnia and the oily skin.

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