Testodex 100 (Testosterone Suspension)


Manufacturer: Sciroxx
Category: SALE
Substance: Testosterone Suspension
Package: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)

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Product Description

Testodex 100 is an injectable steroid containing Testosterone (no ester) in a water base. Although it may contain testosterone without the benefit of an ester, and contrary to popular belief, the microcrystal design of this injectable will sustain an elevated testosterone release for 2-3 days. Among bodybuilders, Testodex 100 by Sciroxx is known to be an extremely potent mass builder. It is often ranked as the most powerful injectable steroid available, resulting in an incredibly rapid gain of muscle mass and strength. This is largely due to the very fast action of this drug, as the water-based steroid will begin to enter the blood stream almost immediately after an injection is given.
Unlike longer esters such as enanthate or cypionate which take weeks for blood levels to reach maximum therapeutic levels, with test suspension it is just a matter of days. Clearly the anabolic effect of this testosterone will be realized much more quickly than we would expect with an oil based (esterified) preparation. It is also important to remember that 100mg of a testosterone ester is not equivalent to 100mg testosterone of pure testosterone (as in suspension). But the general point is that during a cycle of Testodex 100 you will often see a much more dramatic intake of testosterone on average than is typically utilized with oils.

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