Stanoprime (Stanozolol)


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Product Description

The scope of injection stanozolol – powerlifting, bodybuilding, light and heavy athletics. Since the first two directions are closer to us, let’s talk about them.

In bodybuilding, stanozolol is used mainly at the stage of preparation for competitions. Because it does not cause water accumulation and a protein-rich diet, muscles make the muscles hard and hard.
The lack of a significant accumulation of water makes stanozole an interesting preparation and for the collection of quality muscle mass. However, due to the small androgenic component of Stanoprime, rapid weight gain should not be expected. But what is typed, is saved fast muscle gain for the most part even after its cancellation.

In powerlifting, Stanoprime is used for the most part to increase strength. At the same time, the increase in strength is more pronounced than the increase in muscle mass. That’s why, if an athlete-athletics athlete needs to add strength and stay within his weight category, stanozolol will do everything possible.

The effects of the Stanoprime course

The Stanoprime course can have positive effects, such as:

  • Instantaneous fat burning effect.
  • Removes water from the musculature.
  • Increases strength.
  • Promotes a moderate increase in dense muscles.
  • Increases muscle dryness.
  • Increases venous function.
  • Improves the processes of anabolics.
  • Accelerates the exchange of materials.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • Excellent and quickly restores the body.

These positive results appear when applying the course of Stanozolol. The athlete, using the drug, will feel a huge increase in physical activity and motivation to learn.

How to prick Stanoprime?

It is believed that the steroid has a local effect, that is, it acts purposefully on the muscles into which the injections are placed. This effect is possible with microdoses. If you use the recommended dose, the systemic effect of anabolic (first after getting into the bloodstream) is of paramount importance. Therefore, a stunoprural stroke in the stomach or biceps is impractical. It is better to inject in the gluteus muscle or quadriceps. This is possible in medium deltas. The worst choices are gastrocnemius muscles, hamstring muscles and posterior deltas.

Combined Courses

Winstrol is often included in combined courses for hypertrophy, strength and relief. If the basic regimens include AAS with progestagenic properties, stanozolol is used to minimize side effects, as it blocks the receptors of progesterone. In massonabornyh courses, vinstrol is used together with testosterone, nandrolone, methandrostenolone or turinabol. In drying cycles, vinstrol is used together with turinabol, trenbolone or boldenone.

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