Rexobol-50 (Stanozolol)


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Category: Oral Steroids Substance: Stanozolol Package: 50mg (50 pills)

Product Description

Due to the low androgenic activity (30% of testosterone, whereas anabolic – 320%) Rexobol considered one of the most benign steroid. Stanozolol is not exposed to flavoring and the effect on the liver is small and significant only at the highest doses. The duration of action of steroid – 8 hours. Professional athletes in Europe are regularly checked for doping, without the use of masking agents Rexobol-50 not recommended, because the latest technology can detect traces of the substance in the blood for a year after the last use.

Most often used by bodybuilders Rexobol courses drying. Steroids in preparation for the competition allows to obtain high-quality, visually appealing muscle mass. Stanozolol is also often used in athletics. Moreover, according to the World Anti-Doping Laboratory, today this steroid – the most popular pharmacological agent that anybody buy online. At least, such a conclusion can be drawn from the number of positive doping tests.

How to take Rexobol

Course Rexobol recommended to athletes who want to increase strength and endurance performance without a significant gain in weight. The most effective stanozolol affects people with moderate body fat and sufficient weight. The optimum daily dosage is 30 mg, divided into 3 doses. Do not exceed the recommended rate of 50 milligrams. Course duration Rexobol from Alpha Pharma – 5-8 weeks. Delays in receiving stanozolol for more than two months, threatening liver problems. At the end of the course is conducted FCT. Specialized sports nutrition helps to achieve great results.

As for how to make Rexobol together with other AAS, for the recruitment of muscle mass includes androgenic drugs (such as Anadrol, testosterone or methandrostenolone). Stanozolol in combination with the above steroids perfectly balanced course, creating a synergistic train smart effect and significantly reducing the risk of adverse reactions. For those athletes who are interested in enhancing the effect of drying muscles, the best combination is Rexobol and trenbolone.

Rexobol is a steroid that has an anabolic and moderate androgenic effect. Produced in India by Alpha Pharma. Rexobol is taken orally. If you want to buy Rexobol, then order it on our website. Our price Reksobol is available, and the drug is original and has excellent quality.

Efficiency Rexobol

The main effects of taking Rexobol are:

  • Increase in the drawing of muscles.
  • Increased indicators of physical strength and endurance.
  • The cells of subcutaneous fat are burned.
  • Increases appetite.
  • Extra fluid does not stay in the body.

Often Rexobol accept athletes, whose goal is to dry the muscles. Taking this drug can make the pile a figure more beautiful and embossed before the competition.

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