Oxanol 10 mg (Anavar – Oxandrolone)


Manufacturer: Eurochem labs
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Anavar (Oxandrolone)
Package: 10mg/tab 50 tabs

Product Description

Presentation: Oxanol, 50 tabs, 10mg/tab Substance: Oxandrolone Alternative names: Anavar OXANOL (anavar) is oral anabolic steroid which stimulates synthesis of proteins with low
androgenic effect. * round blue tablets with EC on one side and 10 on the other, 10 mg per tablet, packaged
into pouches either 50 tablets per package.

Oxanol (Anavar) (Oxandrolone) Dose = 20 – 100mg per day Detection time = 3 weeks Active Life = 8 – 12 hours Anavar is a drug created for use in patients with unintentional weight loss such as
individuals with Aids. It has found its place in the bodybuilding world for a few
reasons. Anavar is the most mild oral steroid on the market carrying little to no
side effects including the maintenance of normal liver values even with doses of up
to 80mg a day. It is a great drug for strength and cutting purposes but does little
in the way of weight gain. The great thing about anavar is that it will not shut
down your own natural testosterone production which makes it a very popular
drug for bridging cycles. All in all, although very mild, Anavar provides quality
specific results without the side effects.

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