MT-2 Melanotan (Melanotan)


Manufacturer: GenShi Labs
Category: HGH & Peptides
Substance: Melanotan
Package: 10 mg/vial

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Product Description

MT-2 Melanotan is an injectable drug which represents a synthetically produced variant of a peptide hormone naturally produced in the body that stimulates melanogenesis, a process responsible for pigmentation of the skin. Clinical trials have shown that Melanotan safely promotes melanogenesis and aphrodisiac effects. As a result is has a potential to be developed into a tanning and libido increasing preparation. Mainly the compound is provides a therapeutic tan with the ability to lower the risk of skin cancer, but Melanotan II also plays an important role in regulating sexual arousal in men and women.
The average dosage of MT-2 Melanotan is 5mg/day and should be taken for a period of 2-4 weeks. The best time to take the injection is prior to bed. The main side effects after using this compound are: flushing of the face, nausea and spontaneous erections in males. These side effects usually only last for 1-2 hours after the injection and usually only occur after the first 1-3 injections, after which they do not occur again unless a long break is taken between usage. To reduce the occurrence of side effects it is recommended to take the dose just before going to sleep.

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