Mastoral (Methyl drostanolone (Superdrol))


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Category: Oral Steroids Substance: Methyl drostanolone (Superdrol) Package: 10mg (50 pills)

Product Description

Mastoral is a prohormone supplement that is designed to help athletes reduce excess bodyfat while helping build lean muscle mass. This performance enhancing product is extremely potent and is legendary among the bodybuilding community.

Mastoral is a Hi-Tech Prohormone supplement that really thrusts bodybuilding supplementation into a new era with the most anabolically-potent, single-dose tablet ever created for bodybuilders.

Among its numerous obscure anabolic compounds, Mastoral® contains the highest dosage of prohormones to be found anywhere! Hi-Tech has included this high dosage of Androstenolone Acetate, Androsterone undecanoate, 4-DHEA, 1-DHEA and Hi-Tech’s exclusive “Super Anabolic” Δ4-Androstene-3α-ol-17-one to ensure that just one tablet alone surpasses the threshold level required for a truly efficacious anabolic response. In a nutshell, Mastoral® represents “high-concentrated Prohormone” sports supplementation.

Effects of admission Superdrol

  • Preservation of muscle mass in drying courses.
  • Preservation of the weight category. It is often used by runners, wrestlers, and other athletes who are not interested in recruiting mass.
  • Moderate diuretic effect.
  • Improved relief and definition of muscles.
  • Increased hardness and muscular density.
  • Reduction of fatty deposits. With a correctly arranged intake and nutrition scheme, Mastoral can reduce fat mass by 5-7%.
  • Increased strength.

How to take Mastoral

In principle, in most countries the drug is not approved for human use, as it is not used for medical purposes. However, it has been established experimentally and experimentally which Mastoral course is most effective. It is recommended to take no more than 10-20 milligrams of the drug every day, for 6-8 weeks. This norm provides a sufficient anabolic effect, accompanied by loss of fatty deposits and a pronounced definition of muscles. It is not recommended to increase the dosage of the active substance Mastoral above 30 milligrams, since in this case the risk of liver damage is significantly increased.

As for how to take Mastoral in combination with other anabolic and androgenic steroids, the most popular regimens are methyldrostanone with Testosterone, Boldenone and Nandrolone. Before the beginning of the course, it is better to consult a sports doctor or at least an experienced athlete who has experience of using this steroid. Methyl-drostano underground anabolics by william llewellynl also goes well with Parabolan and Primobolan. For women, the dosages of Mastoral from Alpha Pharm vary between 2-5 milligrams daily, for 4-6 weeks. This scheme minimizes the risk of virilization and other possible negative reactions of the body. Thus, athletes must independently share the tablet in two or four parts. 10 milligrams – too much dosage even for women professionals.

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