Masteron 500 (Masteron – Drostanolone Propionate)


Manufacturer: GenShi Labs
Category: SALE
Substance: Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate)
Package: 5 mL vial (100 mg/mL)

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Product Description

Masteron 500 is an injectable anabolic steroid that contains Drostanolone Propionate and exhibits powerful androgenic effect. The drug is used by athletes and bodybuilders as part of a pre-contest or an off-season program for adding new muscles while retaining the already formed muscular structure. It is often taken by those who look to remain in a certain weight class. Masteron 500 can promote increased strength while keeping body fat the same or even lowering it. The compound promotes no water retention and it is not toxic to the liver. However the drug is not recommended to be used by teenagers, beginners and inexperienced athletes. The active life of Masteron is 2-3 days.
The typical dosage for men is 300- 600 mg per week, while women use smaller doses – 100-300 mgs per week. Masteron 500 can be stacked with steroids such as Primobolan, Oxandrolone, Winstrol, Parabolan, and Testosterone compounds. It can also be very important in cutting cycles for a period of 6 – 10 weeks. Masteron 500 usually does not cause athletes problems related to gynecomastia and water retention. Its side effect comes from the basic androgenic properties of dihydrotestosterone, including oily skin, body and facial hair growth, aggression, mood swings, headache, acne and problems related to pattern male baldness.

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