Halotestin (Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone)


Manufacturer: GenShi Labs
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)
Package: 30 tabs. 5 mg

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Product Description

Gen-Shi Halotestin contains 30 tabs per package and it is manufactured by Gen-Shi Labs which is the company that have wide range of products; moreover, It has a good reputation on the market due to the experience and the foundation they have.

Gen-Shi Halotestin consists of Fluoxymesteron which is a derivative form of Methyltestosterone. However, it is more potent version of Methltestosterone. As many of bodybuilders reported, it is distinguished from Methyltestostone by its non-aromatizable substance.

It has a reputation of being effective on gains in strenght and muscle hardness, while not causing bodyweight increase which is why it is popular among powerlifters and athletes who try to enhance their performance while keeping the bodyweight stable. It is also common to use it in the last weeks of a show or competition.

Fluoxymestoren cant be count as a basic steroid for cycles. It is used by the bodybuilders who wish to combine it with other steroids such as testosterones or deca to add more androjenic effect into stack and increase strenght gains.

Fluoxymesteron users are tend to face with the androgenic side effects such as oily skin, acne and increased body and facial hair. It is not aromatize at all. Thats why estrogen related side effects are not an issue. It is also not recommended to women to use due its highly androgenic side effects.

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