GHRP-2 (HGH – Human Growth Hormone)


Manufacturer: GenShi Labs
Category: HGH & Peptides
Substance: HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
Package: 5 mg/vial

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Product Description

Growth hormone releasing peptides are a small family of peptides acting at the pituitary and the hypothalamus to release Growth Hormone (GH). These peptides were discovered 20 years ago and in clinical researches proved to be able to stimulate pituitary to produce endogenous Growth Hormone. This compound proved to have a large number of positive effects: improved muscular mass and strength, stimulation of appetite, correction of the low growth hormone production and overall sense of well being. GHRP-2 is also a very suitable compound to use if one is nursing and rehabilitating injuries. Other benefits of using GHRP-2 include improved sex desire, enhanced energy and vitality, improved skin elasticity and lines elimination.
The result of GHRP-2 use tend to differ between subjects, depending on how each subject’s pituitary somatotrophs choose to respond based on the different receptor subtypes of GHRP overall. The half-life of GHRP-2 is quite short, though, with its peak occurring around 15 minutes after its administration or an hour later at the latest. Ideally, this therapy should be administered periodically every day. Depending on one’s goals, a person may use between 25-50 mcg per day. The average length of a cycle is 16 months. The researches confirmed high safety of GHRP-2 and almost no side effects, if GHRP-2 is administered within the recommended dose range.

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