Femarex (Letrozole)


Manufacturer: GenShi Labs
Category: PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)
Substance: Letrozole

Product Description

Gen-Shi Femara is an anti-estrogen drug manufactured by Gen-Shi. It contains 25 tablets of Letrozole substance, packed in sachets.

Letrozole is a non-steroid drug. It provides the body to combat estrogen based side effects such as gynecomastia (breast enlargement), fat buildup and water retention. In medical use, it is primarly administered to put a stop to progression of breast cancer in women; moreover, it is more commonly used to combat and decrease rate of breast cancer spreading later on the other treatments have failed.

Anabolic steroids genarally has an effects on estrogen level of the body. Increased estrogen level makes it possible to be faced with gynecomastia which cause the breast enlargement in males. However, Letrozole blocks the estrogen receptors. In other words, it will limit the gynecomostia seen as a side effect of anabolic steroids. Mainly because of this effect it is considered as an post cycle drug to overcome the negative effects of steroid used cycles. On the other hand, it differs from Clomid by blocking the estrogen production while Clomid only restrain the activity of estrogen hormone. This could lead unwelcoming results on the body because estrogen can’t be count as an injurious hormone at all.

The adverse effects of Letrozole include dizziness, muscle cramps, hot flashes and fatigue. In addition to this common side effects, in case of long duration use it may cause osteoporosis which results in bone fraction.

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