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Other drugs Antacids: set reduction of amprenavir by 18% and 35%, respectively, while increasing the C min upon receipt of a single dose of 1400 mg of fosamprenavir with a single dose of 30 mL of an antacid suspension (equivalent to 2.75 g of aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, 1.8 g). Any dose adjustment of these drugs when combined use is not required. The antagonists of bayer primobolan depothistamine receptors: the concentration of amprenavir in the blood can be reduced in the combined use of antagonists of H 2 histamine receptors (for example, while taking ranitidine and cimetidine). Joint reception of ranitidine (300 mg single dose) with fosamprenavir (1400 mg single dose) reduces plasma amprenavir AUC by 30% and C max by 51%. However, the index of amprenavir C min (C12) remains unchanged. Dose adjustment when coadministered to any of the herein preparations are required. Proton pump inhibitors: the combined use of antacids 1400 mg twice a day and of esomeprazole 20 mg per day for 14 days increased the AUC by 55% and Tmax for 1 hour esomeprazole without affecting the C max . Corrections dosing regimen in this case is not required. The drugs with a narrow therapeutic range: while the use of fosamprenavir with drugs such asamiodarone, quinidine, lidocaine (systemic route of administration), tricyclic antidepressants and warfarin requires monitoring concentrations of these drugs in the blood plasma in connection with the possibility of life-threatening conditions. For warfarin need to monitor the international normalized ratio . The following list of drugs are examples of substrates, inhibitors or inducers , which may interact with fosamprenavir with simultaneous application. The list is not exhaustive. The clinical relevance of these potential interactions is not known or is not fully understood. In this connection it should pay special attention to monitoring the toxic effects of these drugs while their reception with fosamprenavir. Alfuzosin: Serum concentrations may be increased, which may lead to an increased risk of arterial hypotension. Anticonvulsants co-administration of anticonvulsants, inducers of enzymes ( phenytoin, phenobarbital, carbamazepine) with fosamprenavir without the concurrent use of low-dose ritonavir may reduce the concentration of amprenavir plasma. Benzodiazepines (alprazolam, clorazepate, diazepam, flurazepam) may increase their serum concentrations that can lead to an enhancement of their activity. calcium channel blockers (amlodipine, diltiazem, felodipine, isradipine, nicardipine, nifedipine, nimodipine, nisoldipine and verapamil) may increase their serum concentrations that can lead to an enhancement of their activity and toxicity. It is recommended to monitor the concentration of these drugs in the blood.

Dexamethasone: may induce thebayer primobolan depot isozyme or decrease in the plasma concentration of amprenavir. Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5: concentration of sildenafil in plasma can rise significantly, while the application antacids, which may increase the incidence of adverse reactions and other inhibitors sildenafil fosfodiesterazy- 5 (hypotension, blurred vision, priapism). Concomitant use of antacids and sildenafil, vardenafil is not recommended. Fluticasone propionate (interaction with ritonavir) has been shown a significant increase in serum concentrations of fluticasone propionate, while the use of 200 mcg of fluticasone nasal and 100 mg of ritonavir twice daily. It is expected that this increase substantially increases the risk of systemic adverse reactions fluticasone. Reports on the development of systemic adverse effects include Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal suppression. Such interaction is predicted for all glucocorticosteroids metabolized isoenzyme . Inhibitors of hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase metabolism  reductase inhibitors ( lovastatin and simvastatin ) is largely dependent on bayer primobolan depot, and therefore the combined the use of fosamprenavir and ritonavir with lovastatin or simvastatin is not recommended due to an increased risk of myopathy, including rhabdomyolysis. Precautions should be prescribed fosamprenavir with bayer primobolan depot atorvastatin , which is also metabolized to a lesser extent than lovastatin and simvastatin.