Aquatest – Testosterone suspension 100 mg / 1 ml

Aquatest from Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL is a new product in the market of anabolic steroids. The preparation is an aqueous suspension of testosterone unesterified. This means that unlike conventional testosterone, the substance of Aquatest from the Balkan Pharma is devoid of an ether residue, and it starts to act faster. However, injections of the drug are rather painful, and the half-life of the substance is very short.


Suspension of testosterone was invented back in the 40s of the last century, and since then is quite popular. Most often it is used by athletes just before the competition, as it is very quickly eliminated from the body. Injections of Aquatest can be done 2-3 days before doping control. The great advantage of an aqueous suspension of testosterone is that the proportion of the active ingredient is 100% train smart, which can not be said for similar preparations developed on oils. If 50 milligrams of testosterone suspension contains the same 50 milligrams of “test”, then in a similar amount of enanthate of the active substance, only 36 grams. Many users of anabolic steroids do not know about this feature, and without knowing it, they receive smaller doses than necessary.

Effects of taking Aquatest

  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Providing spermatogenesis.
  • Improvement of phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism.
  • Testosterone has an impact on the development of secondary sexual characteristics, as well as sex hormones.
  • Increase in the relief of muscles.
  • Strength improvement.
  • Fat-burning ability.
  • Reducing the likelihood of coronary artery disease and ischemia of the heart muscle.

The effects of testosterone suspension do not differ in any way from the effects of other forms of testosterone, but still have some special features. First and foremost, this is the shortest of all forms of testosterone withdrawal from the body. The point of maximum anabolic effect of Aquatest occurs on the day after the injection. Most of all, testosterone suspension is similar to testosterone protionate, but still it is “slower”.