Anapolon Oxymetholone 50mg Turkey

Anapolon 50 is one of the most powerful synthetic steroids developed for today. Initially, oxymetholone was discovered in the 1960s and was used exclusively for medical purposes. The drug treated anemia and osteoporosis, stimulated the muscle growth of weak patients. The popularity of the drug in medicine has declined since the invention of other drugs for the treatment of diseases. But for sporting purposes, Anapolon is actively used up to the present moment.


The steroid has a high anabolic index. Anabolic activity of Anapolon is 320% of testosterone, androgenic – only 45%. Although the drug is not characterized by conversion to estrogens, he himself has an estrogenic effect. Anapolon is the most potent steroid of those that are taken orally (however, this makes it toxic to the liver).

Effects of taking Anapolon 50

  • Increased strength.
  • Muscular growth. To increase muscle volume, Anapolon is considered the most effective steroid. In just one course of the solo drug, you can gain up to 12-15 kilograms of muscle. And although the phenomenon of rollback “will remove” up to a third of the recruited, still the figure remains very serious.
    Elimination of joint pain, improvement of mobility of joints. Oxymetholone stimulates the body to produce synovial fluid and delays water in the body.
    Reduction of SHGS. When combining other anabolic steroids with Anapolon 50, their effect is greatly enhanced.
  • The substance oxymetholone is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone. Oxymetholone activates androgen receptors, because of which it has a small estrogenic activity. Anapolon 50 is also characterized by progestant activity.